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Capturing the beauty of hull form demands skill and a meticulous attention to accuracy, combined with a heartfelt feel for and love of yachts.

Using the best of timbers and following the lines drawings, the hull is hand carved and after completion is very finely sanded down to a satin finish and given several coats of varnish to bring out the grain pattern and natural beauty of wood, or given many coats of enamel and then mounted on a finished mahogany back board for a half-hull, or plinth for a full hull display model.

Deck details such as winches and cleats are then added and an engraved brass nameplate is attached to the base with the vessel's name, building data etc.

The finished product is a half-hull crafted in the finest traditions of generations past and is an art form suitable for mounting in the home, office, den or cabin bulkhead. The full hull display models are fully rigged with running and standing rigging, sails, winches, cleats, navigation lights (all hand made), making a superb trophy treasured by private collectors which can become heirlooms of the future.


Graham at work on a model.